Christie’s auction to spotlight 20th and 21st century photographers

christie's photography

Christie’s upcoming auction will offer works by some of the best-known names in the worlds of fashion, conceptual and documentary photography, including Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton.  

If a picture speaks a thousand words, then this upcoming auction, Photographies, could fill an entire book.  

Works from some of the most famous photographers of this century and the last are being brought together for one sale by respected auction house Christie’s between 23rd May to 6th June.  

Pieces from the likes of Helmut Newton, Cindy Sherman, Nan Goldin and Robert Mapplethorpe will all be up for grabs, with previews of the works available at Christie’s Paris site on two sets of dates: 22nd to 26th May and 1st to 6th June.  


Helmut Newton’s 1975 Roselyne, Château d’Arcangues, is one of the big highlights of the sale. The photo features a technical process not often seen called tin-typed silver printing. The image has a glamourous 1940s look, though the subject matter is decidedly more modern. It is an aerial bird’s eye view of a partially nude woman leaning casually against a mantle in an elegantly overstuffed parlour. The overall effect is spellbinding, and the estimate sale price of €80,000 to €100,000 reflects that.  

Also of interest is fashion photographer Peter Lindbergh’s photograph Amber Valletta, Harper’s Bazaar, Times Square, N.Y., 1993. In 1996, he published his first book entitled 10 Women, which featured shots of top models who had marked his career. This is one such image: the 1990s supermodel sports a costume of an angel with immaculate wings, creating a poetic parenthesis far from the hustle-bustle of Times Square. It is anticipated to go for between €18,000 and €25,000.  

Robert Mapplethorpe was best known for his rebellious and erotic images, but here the American photographer is put in a completely different light. Self-portrait, 1985 offers an introspective and intimate appeal that differs from his most famous shots, evocative of the later self-portraits he produced at the end of his life, whilst suffering from AIDS. This piece is estimated to sell for between €60,000 and 80,000. 


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Photo source: Christie’s

Urgent call for O negative blood donations in the PACA region

blood donation paca

The Etablissement Français du Sang has launched an appeal for blood donations in the PACA region, with a particularly urgent need for donors with type O negative to come forward.  

The EFS, France’s sole public service provider of blood products, relies entirely on blood donations to fulfil the nation’s blood needs.  

Blood is certainly required in cases of accidents and traumas, but the EFS’ main role is to supply a steady source to patients with medical conditions such anaemia, blood cancer and those having surgeries.   


May is a tricky month for the organisation. Between the school breaks and public bank holidays, the number of donations plummets, leaving shortages that can lead to dire consequences.  

The holiday closures of donation facilities compound the problem. On days when the centres are closed, roughly 2,000 bags are not collected in PACA, with that number rising to 25,000 nationwide. With a short shelf life of only seven days for platelets and 42 days for red blood cells, the missed days cost precious resources.  


In the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, there is a shortage of all blood types, but collections of the rare type O negative are particularly low. People with this blood group are being invited to come forward as soon as possible to relieve some of the pressure.  

“Donors of group O, and more precisely those who have a negative rhesus factor, are invited to go to one of the collection centres,” said Pauline Koskas, the director of Donor Relations at the Etablissement Français du Sang in Nice. “They are few in number, only 6% of the population, and are considered to be universal donors.”  

Being a universal donor means that this blood group can be given to anyone, regardless of their type. It’s vitally important in emergency situations, such as accidents and premature births, when health care professionals often don’t know a patient’s blood type.  

To give blood during May, or anytime of the year, and to find the nearest collection point, visit or download the Don de Sang app.  


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Photo source: Marcelo Leal for Unsplash

You can now calculate the carbon footprint of your visit to Monaco

co2 calculator

A new CO2 footprint calculator by Visit Monaco has been designed to help tourists make more eco-informed choices about travelling to, from and around the Principality. 

This simple-to-use tool takes only minutes to complete. Users input the dates they plan to travel, the number of those in the group, where they came from, what mode of transport they came by, whether they plan to stay overnight, and how they intend to get around once in town. The tool then gives an estimate of what kind of footprint is generated based on the information given. 

For example, a single person coming from Beaulieu-sur-Mer travelling by train for a day trip and moving about the Principality on foot will generate roughly 296g of C02, whereas three people from the same start point but travelling by helicopter and then taking a taxi to their destination will generate a much higher 79.59kg per person. 

The results are shared immediately on the website and can also be sent out in an email for later review. The tool then provides personalised tips to help make trips more sustainable.  


The calculator is the latest in the government’s arsenal of tools aimed at a bigger picture carbon neutrality agenda.  

It’s just one of a great number of schemes that fall under Monaco’s Climate and Energy Plan, which aims to: “Combat climate change and adapt the territory to these changes, with an approach based on sustainable development… The aim is to build a territory that is resilient, robust and adapted, to the benefit of the population and its businesses.” 

The first white paper released in 2017 had a list of points to hit in order to achieve sustainability goals. According to Annabelle Jaeger-Seydoux, Director of the Mission for the Energy Transition, who spoke in January at the annual Energy Transition Meeting, “50 out of the 88 actions indicated in 2017 have already been implemented or are currently ongoing”.  

It’s a clear sign that Monaco is well on track to reach its ambitious goals.  

To calculate your carbon footprint, click on the link here.


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Photo source: Pixabay

Basketball: Euroleague decider heading to the Principality

AS Monaco v Maccabi Tel Aviv

Just like last year, AS Monaco Basketball’s place in the Euroleague Final Four will be decided by the fifth game of the series, following a resounding defeat against Maccabi Tel Aviv (104-69). This time, however, the Roca Team will have home-court advantage.

Thursday saw the latest turn of a thrilling series between the Israeli side and Monaco. The latter could have sealed their place in the Final Four in Kaunas, and after a solid first quarter (17-24), looked on course to do so.

However, Maccabi, carried by the vocal home crowd, scored 20 consecutive points without reply to switch the momentum of the match drastically, and the Roca Team never managed to arrest the slide.

“Match five will be life or death”

Monaco were bleeding points, much to the visible frustration of Sasa Obradovic, who saw himself sent off. The Roca Team could never claw their way back into the game, suffering a heavy defeat (104-69), meaning that their progression in the Euroleague will be decided by next Wednesday’s match at the Salle Gaston Médecin.

“We took a hit tonight,” began Donatas Motiejunas. “We saw two teams with different attitudes. One that was battling to survive, and another with selfish players that didn’t share the ball. The coach, as well as players like myself, will have to find the words to remotivate everyone. Match five will be life or death. We will have to give everything,” he added. 


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Photo by AS Monaco Basketball