All the Prince Rainier III centenary events to look forward to this month

November is going to be a busy month for the centenary celebrations of Prince Rainier III, with everything from film projections and new exhibitions to the unveiling of a gold €50 coin bearing his image planned for the coming weeks.  

Prince Rainier III ruled over Monaco for nearly 56 years. His legacy quite literally shaped the Principality we see today and his forward-thinking vision saw Monaco transformed into a modern state.  

Many of the events held in his honour this month, and in the 100th year since his birth, will pay homage to these efforts, while others will commemorate the passions of the great man.  

The countless events organised in tribute to the centenary of Prince Rainier’s birth have drawn crowds all year long. Photo credit: Direction de la Communication / Frédéric Nebinger


Between 2nd and 5th November, coin collectors and fans of the late Prince will be able to get their hands on a flashy €50 coin embezzled with the image of Prince Rainier III from the Musée des Timbres et des Monnaies.  

It is the first time a piece of this denomination has been issued by Monaco since the creation of the euro in 2002. It measures 28mm in diameter and features 16.2g worth of gold.  


The Rainier III par Lui-Même documentary by Yann-Antony Noghès is set to be screened at the Cinema des Beaux-Arts on 2nd November at 6.30pm and then again at the Théâtre des Variétés on 15th November, also at 6.30pm.  

The film uses personal sound recordings made by Prince Rainier himself to tell the story of his fascinating life in his own words. It was created by Check Productions, assisted by historians Thomas Fouilleron and Vincent Vatrican, and with the support of the Comité de Commemoration Rainier III. To read more about the film and to watch a trailer, click here.

EXPOSITION: La Vision du Prince 

The next in a series of fascinating exhibitions on a range of themes related to Prince Rainier will open on 6th November. Access to La Vision du Prince: Jacques Rueff, Ministre d’Etat du Prince Rainier III will only be possible by reservation until 17th November, but will then be fully open to the public until 26th January 2024. 

Held at the Place de la Visitation, the exhibit explores the relationship between Prince Rainier and his first Minister of State, the prominent economist Jacques Rueff, and how it ultimately shaped the political direction of the Principality. Read more about the exhibition here

Exhibition: Le Chantier d’un Règne: La Mise en Souterrain de la Voie Ferrée 

Then, on 7th November, an exhibition on the development of the underground railway in Monaco will open at the Gare de Monaco.  

Le Chantier d’un Règne: La Mise en Souterrain de la Voie Ferrée depicts Prince Rainier’s influence on the construction of the rail line and station beneath the Principality. With space at a premium, the idea of rerouting the railway line and making it subterranean was nothing short of inspirational. This exhibit runs until 31st December. Read more about it here

Exhibition: Le Prince au Cœur du Cirque  

From 22nd November to 28th January, the public can get an insight into one of the Prince’s great passions, the circus, at Le Prince au Cœur du Cirque every day from 11am to 7pm at the Chapiteau de Fontvieille.  

The exhibition will feature a vast collection of circus-related photos, footage and costumes collected over the years, as well as never-before-seen papers and personal memorabilia.

Recent article: ‘The Prince at the Heart of the Circus’ to tell the story of Prince Rainier’s love of the Big Top

Exhibition: Rainier III sur les Pas de Sainte-Dévote 

Rounding out the new set of exhibitions is Rainier III sur les Pas de Sainte-Dévote. This special tribute is actually not being held in Monaco, but in the birthplace of the Principality’s patron Saint Dévote: Lucciana in Corsica.  

The Musée de Mariana is hosting the exhibit between 24th November and 22nd September 2024. Read all about it here


On 10th November, the second of a two-part concert and conference event by Raphaëlle Doubli will be held at the Théâtre des Variétés at 6.30pm. It will feature music by the Orchestre des Carabiniers du Prince and numerous special guests. Reservations can be made here

In honour of Prince Rainier’s great appreciation for music and theatre, numerous cultural events have been held this year in his memory. Photo credit: Direction de la Communication / Frédéric Nebinger

As part of Monaco’s National Day celebrations, the annual lightshow will be dedicated to Prince Rainier. It will take place at 8.15pm on 18th November above Port Hercule. 

The commemorations continue on 19th November, the official date for the Fête National de Monaco, with a display by the 1st Tirailleurs regiment, in which Prince Rainier III served at the end of the Second World War, in front of the Palais Princier de Monaco and accompanied by the La Nouba military band.  

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Finally, the Théâtre des Variétés will host a performance of Claude-Andre Puget’s Les Jours Heureux by the Studio de Monaco on 24th and 25th November.  

This play is particularly special as the late Prince actually performed in a production of this when he was a schoolboy in Montpellier in May 1942. Prince Rainier took on the role of Bernard Gassin, the sincere but slightly awkward boy who nonetheless had charm to spare.  

The 1938 play was modern for its time, and still enchants today with its hide-and-seek love story featuring misunderstandings, jealousies and frustrations handled with a light touch. 

For more information and a full schedule of each of these events, visit the Rainier III Centenary website here


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Main photo credit: Direction de la Communication / Frédéric Nebinger

France to invest a further €200m in electric vehicle charging stations

france electric charging

An additional €200 million has been allocated to the expansion of France’s network of electrical vehicle charging stations, adding to the €320 million already spent on building nearly 140,000 points since 2016.  

The announcement that France’s budget for electric charging stations would be given a considerable boost was made by Minister of Energy Transition Agnès Pannier-Runacher and Minister Delegate for Transport Clément Beaune at the end of October.  

In total, €200 million will be added to the ADVENIR kitty, which has already soaked up €320 million and installed close to 140,000 charging points since 2016. The government says that this new lot of funds will allow the tally to reach 400,000 public EV stations nationwide by the end of the decade.  

ADVENIR, the financing programme for the development of electric vehicle charging points, is also in charge of training stakeholders and spreading public information on the financing available to individuals and businesses interested in electric mobility.  

The additional injection of cash announced last month will specifically support “collective residential infrastructure to facilitate charging at home, charging on roads and on public land for everyday charging for people who do not have a private parking space; and charging dedicated to heavy goods vehicles to support the decarbonisation of goods transport”. 

12 “winners” of the second call for fast charging station projects were also revealed by the ministers, who confirmed that 19 of these projects are now either in development, underway or complete. Together these projects represent 4,400 fast charging stations, the majority of which are equipped with power over 150kW, and have required a total investment of €33o million by the French state. 


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Photo source: Chuttersnap, Unsplash