See it for yourself: The legendary Café de Paris is transformed after €55 million renovation

Café de Paris architecture

Talk about the ‘Wow’ factor! The Café de Paris reopened on Tuesday after a two-year, €55 million renovation and the result is nothing short of jaw-dropping.

Located alongside the Casino de Monte-Carlo and opposite the iconic Hôtel de Paris, the Café de Paris is a timeless brasserie in the Place du Casino that has been the beating heart of Monaco for 150 years.

But never has it been as grand and spectacular as this.

After two-years, more than €55 million (the final figure is still being confirmed) and plenty of anticipation, the brasserie swung open its doors on Tuesday 14th November, and the crowds eagerly rolled in.

Ground floor of the Café de Paris
The Café de Paris is reborn. Photo by Monaco Life

“What I want to see with the new Café de Paris is all of Monaco coming in,” Eric Gorjux, Director of the Café de Paris, told Monaco Life on the opening day. “If we achieve that, we have reached a huge goal.”

Indeed, the very DNA of the Café de Paris has always been its ability to draw in royalty and celebrities, locals and tourists, all keen to enjoy a coffee, glass of champagne or meal at any time of the day.

“This has been the key to the Café de Paris’ success,” confirms Gorjux. “If you mix up the people, you bring a unique ambiance and atmosphere.”

Eric Gorjux, Director of the Café de Paris.
Eric Gorjux, Director of the Café de Paris. Photo by Monaco Life

In classic Parisian brasserie-style

That ambience has been taken to new heights, however, thanks to the talents of David Collins Studio, the interior designer and architect behind some of the world’s most glamourous restaurants.

At the new Café de Paris, bountiful Art Déco lighting intertwines with beautiful brass finishings, marble columns, mosaic flooring, coffered ornamental ceilings, original stained-glass dividers, polished mahogany and the most extravagant lighting centrepiece hanging above a half-oval bar.

Capacity has more than doubled, with extensive seating inside and out, and there’s an entirely new first floor for guests that offers exceptional views over the Place du Casino.

The Café de Paris near the Monte-Carlo Casino and the Hotel de Paris
The unbeatable view from the first floor of the new Café de Paris, onto the Casino and the Hôtel de Paris. Photo by Monaco Life

A menu for all tastes

Head Chef Victor Marion, mentored under the Michelin starred Chef Joël Garault at the Hôtel Hermitage, has delivered on his philosophy of “simplicity, to please people”.

His desire to evoke emotions in customers can be seen on the plate, with classics like Bourgogne snails and lobster rolls to pappardelle à la bolognaise and La Belle Milanese.

The menu is very extensive, yet – even on opening day – everything was executed perfectly. Sliced red tuna from the raw bar, jambon Bellota Ibérique, caviar Deviled eggs and Viennoise scallops were among our highlights on the day.

For dessert, the Café’s famous Crêpes Suzette are still theatrically set alight tableside.

Meanwhile, an army of servers ensure that every guest is taken care of.

inside the Café de Paris
The grand staircase that leads to the first floor of the Café de Paris, with the incredible light as the centrepiece. Photo by Monaco Life

The final piece of the puzzle

When the entire Café de Paris is complete, including the delivery of the Amazonico restaurant and adjoining luxury boutiques next year, Monte-Carlo SBM will have realised the final dimension of its elaborate vision for Monte-Carlo. It will mark the completion of an eye-wateringly expensive project that began with the building of One Monte-Carlo, continued with the renovation of the Hôtel de Paris, and concludes with the complete transformation of the Café de Paris.

For this Casino operator, it is a gamble that seems inevitable to pay off, as Monaco’s “hot new place to be” re-energises the historic district of Monte-Carlo and the very soul of Monaco itself.


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Reimagining elegance: the Café de Paris transformation


Main photo by Monte-Carlo SBM



When and where to enjoy the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival’s ‘Before & After’ series 

The popular ‘Before & After’ fringe programme to the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival is back. Read on for all the details.

As every year, with the return of the Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival comes its complementary side series, the ‘Before & After’, which embraces the rich programme and genre diversity of the main attraction but hosts in a much more intimate way. 

See more: Everything you need to know about this year’s Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival 

Three prestigious locations have the honour of inviting jazz fans to sit back and enjoy some music and entertainment this year.

The Bar Américain of the Hôtel de Paris will be welcoming in guests from 14th to 19th November and then again from 28th November to 3rd December. Nicole Magolie of Cape Town, South Africa is booked to perform the first residency while singer-songwriter Jon Regen will be promoting his new album, Satisfied Mind, during the second spate. Both artists will begin their sets at 7pm. 

Over at the Hôtel Hermitage, there will be a live music programme from 6pm at the Crystal Bar on 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 29th and 30th November as well as 1st and 2nd December.  

The Café de la Rotonde of the Casino de Monte-Carlo is taking on the responsibility of the ‘After’ part of the programme, and will entertain guests exiting the concerts at the Opéra Garnier on 21st, 22nd, 23rd, 24th, 25th, 29th and 30th November as well as 2nd December. Music begins here at 10.30pm.  

For the complete Monte-Carlo Jazz Festival programme, click here.  


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Photo credit: Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer

Digital Innovation Summit coming to Monaco

club suisse de monaco

The inaugural Digital Innovation Summit taking place in Monaco on Friday 17th November will be a showcase of the pioneering technologies that are shaking up the worlds of AI, blockchain, healthcare and legal tech. 

Among the top speakers scheduled to lead conferences and sessions at the Digital Innovation Summit is Jonathan Xu, a Canadian technologist and the founder of MindVis, who will event with a talk called ‘From Mind to Video: Neural Narratives’ on non-invasive mind-reading technologies.  

Following him, Louis L’Herrou of Altores, known for his expertise in AI-driven automation, will discuss ‘Amplifying Human Potential with AI Assistance’ and explore AI’s role in operational efficiency. 

Later, Tom Haneuse, also from Altores and an MIT-certified expert in blockchain and AI, will illuminate the transformative impact of blockchain technology in societal contexts.  

Next, Fabrice Marquet, a renowned biomedical engineer and the founder of Monaco Foundry, will share his own insights on the revolutionary interplay of blockchain and AI in startup investments. 

The stage will then welcome Mustapha Hamdi, the founder of InnoDeep, to discuss the application of AI in healthcare while Julien Bonnel of Anycommerce and Blockchain Innov will spotlight the use of blockchain for securing proof in domestic violence cases.  

Julia Pirinoli, an attorney specialising in intellectual property and contract law, will provide her legal expertise on the intersection of law and tech before the final speaker of the night, Antoine de Massy, Vice-President of the Associations des Jeunes de Monaco, which has organised the event, and a founding member of the Monaco Cryptographic Association, will address the challenges and potential of blockchain technology. 

A gathering of innovators and visionaries 

The summit will take place on Friday 17th November at the Terrasses des Pécheurs, found within the Associations des Jeunes de Monaco premises, from 6pm to 10pm.  

The conferences and talks will be accompanied by networking opportunities and live entertainment for an event that is set to be both enjoyable and intellectually stimulating.  

For more information, click here


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Photo source: Amira el-Fohail, Unsplash

‘The Prince’s Vision’: the tale of Rainier III and his First Minister Jacques Rueff

The latest exhibit to commemorate the centenary of Prince Rainier III, entitled ‘The Prince’s Vision: Jacques Rueff, Minister of State for Rainier III, 1949-1950′, brings to life the relationship of two men who paved the way for Monaco to become the modern, thriving state it is today. 

Prince Rainier III was just 26 years old when he came to rule in 1949, but despite his tender age, he was a man with a plan. This plan centered on turning his country into a modernised, prosperous nation, and his wing man for Stage 1 was a French economist called Jacques Rueff.  

French economist Jacques Rueff had an illustrious career before and after his time in Monaco. Photo credit: Monaco Communications Department


Rueff was 53 when he joined the young Prince as his Minister of State and was already well-respected in his field and as an elder statesman, having worked in the Cabinet of French President Raymond Poincaré, at the League of Nations, the Banque de France, Sciences Po Paris, the Interallied Agency and the United Nations.  

Together, he and Rainier laid the foundations for policies including urban planning, touristic development, finance and international recognition, many of which would survive the test of time. 

Rueff’s legacy grew after his Monaco years too, and he went on to work with the Court of Justice of the European Coal and Steel Community and then help build the European Economic Community. But above all, he is considered the godfather of France’s “new franc”, which was issued in 1960. 


Now a new exhibition is shining a spotlight on Rueff’s influence and his legacy in the context of his time in the Principality and beyond.  

The Central Archives and Administrative Documentation Service (SCADA) and Michaël Bloche, the Director of National Archives Prefiguration Mission, in collaboration with Thomas Fouilleron, Vincent Vatrican and Audrey Bloche, have put together previously unpublished documents from the Rueff Collection in the French National Archives, SCADA, the Palais Archives, the Audiovisual Institute and the Media Library of Monaco for the exhibition, as well as more personal items offered directly by Rueff’s family. 

The exhibit features a variety of historical documents from official archives and the Rueff family collection. Photo credit: Monaco Communications Department

The show is already open, though is only accessible by reservation until 17th November. After that date, it will be fully available to the public until 26th January.

The exhibition is being hosted by the Ministry of State, found in the Place de la Visitation, on weekdays from 9.30am to 5pm.  

Click here for more information.  


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Photo credit: Monaco Communications Department

Renovations at Nice Airport’s T2 see shops and VIP Lounge closed

Nice Côte d’Azur Airport is trying to stay ahead of the growing number of passengers passing through its terminals with a series of renovations and expansions designed to improve the customer experience. Here’s how these plans are affecting flyers from Terminal 2.  

VIP Lounges 

The Levity VIP Lounge in Zone B of Terminal 2 has closed amid significant renovations of this section of the airport. The lounge itself is getting a makeover too, which has required the temporary closure of Starbucks, Aelia Duty Free and the SoNice/L’Occitane en Provence boutiques in the vicinity. Although a new pop-up version of the Aelia Duty Free has been erected, the changes mean that once beyond passport control, passengers will have very little choice for refreshments and snacks.  

The Infinity VIP Lounge in Zone A, before going through passport control, will remain open.  

New menus 

For the average passenger who wants to get a bite to eat before their flight, there are some enticing new options inside Terminal 2 before you reach the designated zones.  

At the Restaurant Estivale, Chef Bruno Oger and resident Chef Nicolas Vie are inviting guests to dine on a classically French menu with modern and seasonal touches. Starters include escargots de Bourgogne and an autumn tartlet with mushrooms, hazelnuts, Comté and celery cream while sophisticated meals such as free-range chicken served with snappy carrots and topped with a grapefruit-perfumed gravy await. Menus start at €32 and there is an extensive carte des vins.  

Seasonal dishes await at the Restaurant Estivale in Terminal 2. Photo via Nice Côte d’Azur Airport

Over in Terminal 1, a Chef Thierry Marx-created menu is on offer at Restaurant La Plage, where delicious dishes like hearty fresh pasta with pesto, seared tuna entrée and loaded salads are freshly prepared.  


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Main photo by Monaco Life  

Photos: Guests dazzle at Monaco’s Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses

In the presence of Prince Albert II of Monaco and UNICEF Ambassador Delia Grace Noble, 150 guests bedecked in ballgowns, tiaras and tailcoats filled the fairytale-like Salle Empire of the Hôtel de Paris for the Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses earlier this month.  

On 4th November, the legendary Salle Empire of the Hôtel de Paris in Casino Square was transformed into a scene reminiscent of the most decadent fairytale as it played host to the Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses. 

Held under the High Patronage of Prince Albert and orchestrated by opera singer and UNICEF ambassador Delia Grace Noble, this exclusive event attracted approximately 150 guests who came together for a night of aristocratic elegance. 

The ladies, dressed in the finest ballgowns and jewel-encrusted tiaras, and the gentlemen, who were invited to don military attire or tailcoats, truly embraced the theme and spirit of the occasion, giving the evening the atmosphere of historic balls of yesteryear that were thrown in the Principality of Monaco by Prince Rainier and Princess Grace.  

An incredible fleet of more than 100 artists contributed to the event, and performances ranged from those laid on by the Metropolitan Band of Guards Army to the Czech national dance team, along with appearances by flag throwers, opera singers and international ballet stars. A highlight of the night was the passionate performance by opera superstar Vittorio Grigolo. 

Monaco’s Mayor Georges Marsan is pictured with Delia Grace Noble and Vittorio Grigolo. Photo courtesy of 

A dream that travels the world 

The Grand Ball of Princes and Princesses is more than just a night of festivity, it’s a symbol of an age-old dream that continues to inspire and captivate.  

With plans to take this enchanting experience to other locations around the world, including Dubai, Cannes, London and Japan, having already graced the stunning city of Venice, the event is set to soon weave its magic in other prestigious international settings. 

Click on the images below to see more from the event:


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