More and more ski property owners are choosing to work from the mountains 

Workers around the world are being called back to the office, but many at the top end of the pay packet are resisting the return to their workplace desks, with an increasing number transforming their luxury Alpine homes into their dream ‘work from home’ space.  

The work from home phenomenon brought on by the pandemic might be waning among a portion of the population, but for those at the wealthier end of the spectrum, it is something that could well be here to stay, particularly among those who own properties in the Alps.   

Digital nomads 

In its recently published Ski Property Report, Knight Frank quizzed clients located across 34 countries and territories on their attitudes towards working from home.

A majority 75% said they now work from home significantly more since the pandemic and just over half said they either already work from their home in the mountains or “would consider [it] given they now work remotely on a more frequent basis”. 

Indeed, high speed broadband – essential if you plan on opening up your laptop while in the Alps – ranked second in the list of important features of a property, with first place going to mountain views. Outdoor space, such as access to a balcony or garden, also ranked highly in third place while flexible living and room for a dedicated home office both made it into the Top 10, ranking a respective eighth and tenth in the list.  

Private enclave

The rental potential has long been a strong factor in the decision to purchase a property in the Alps, where demand has surged ahead of supply, but a still considerable number of buyers and owners say they intend on keeping a mountain retreat exclusively for themselves. 

The ratio is split 54:46 between those considering the future return on their investment and the rental income a place could provide and those who want a true home-from-home to share with no one other than close family, which would be important if trying to establish a peaceful workspace in a ski property, which are typically more intimate in their scale and layout. 

With some studies suggesting that regular access to fresh air and the outdoors boosting productivity by up to 300%, could the chalet become the new home office? 


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Photo source: Annie Spratt, Unsplash

The British Boarding Schools Show is coming to Monaco at the end of November

british boarding school show

Parents in Monaco and across the south of France will find the answers to all their questions about the UK’s elite boarding system at the upcoming British Boarding Schools Show, which will be held at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo on 30th November. 

The British Boarding Schools Show is a returning event that bridges parents in the Principality and the surrounding French regions with prominent figures from the UK’s top boarding schools, such as school heads, admissions directors and educational consultants.  

The upcoming event will include a keynote session focusing on senior school choices and strategies tailored to Monaco parents. This part of the overall event will cover topics related to immigration and visa requirements. 

The Scholato Education Clinic will also be available throughout the day, where parents of prospective students can get tailored advice on the British education system.

Notably, the show will feature contributions from experienced educational professionals like William Petty, the director of Bonas MacFarlane, an internationally respected private tuition service.  

SINCE 2007 

The British Boarding Schools Show, initially part of the Independent Schools Show founded in 2007, has grown over the years to address a global audience and demand. 

Past attendees have highlighted the value of the show in providing direct access to school representatives and educational experts, with one previous visitor to the Monaco edition saying, “What an amazing event and concept, wonderful atmosphere and most importantly an incredible line-up of schools. I had all my questions answered and am now ready for the next step.” 

The event will be held from 9.30am to 2.30pm on 30th November at the Fairmont Monte-Carlo. The show is entirely free to attend, subject to online pre-registration. 

Further information can be found here.  


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Monaco’s 2023 National Day celebrations to be live streamed  

Monaco’s National Day is a chance for people from all walks to life to come together and celebrate the history and heritage of the Principality, but if you can’t be there in person to join in, the Palais Princier has announced that the 2023 proceedings will be live streamed across a number of online platforms.  

19th November is an important day in the calendar for Monegasques. Every year, the families of this Mediterranean enclave, including the Princely family and the extended Grimaldi line, reflect on the traditions of their small but important nation with a series of parades and events that have also become very popular with the public-at-large.  

Thousands turn out to watch Prince Albert II of Monaco, Princess Charlene and their eight-year-old twins, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, wave from the balconies of the Palais Princier on the Rock, and the streets of Monaco are always packed with spectators desperate to get a glimpse into the lives of one of Europe’s longest standing dynasties.  

Some events retain an air of mystery and are conducted behind closed doors, but many take place in full view of the public as well as online. 

The 2023 Fête Nationale de Monaco is set to be live streamed entirely for free on the Monaco Info Facebook and YouTube pages from 9.30am GMT+1 as well as on the website. Find the links you need to tune in below. 

To access the Monaco Info Facebook page, click here. For the Monaco Info YouTube page, click here. To visit the website, click here.

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Monaco recommissions two historically important cannons in honour of Prince Rainier III

monaco cannons

The Grimaldi family, led by Prince Albert II of Monaco and Princess Charlene, turned out in force at the Fort Antoine for a ceremony marking the “return to service” of two historically important cannons from 1881. 

The Princely family headed down to the Fort Antoine just as darkness was falling on Wednesday 15th November to witness the firing of two cannons from 1881 that have been recommissioned specially to mark the centenary of the birth of the late Prince Rainier III. 

Prince Albert was joined by his wife, Princess Charlene, and both of his sisters, Princess Caroline and Princess Stéphanie, as well as nephew Louis Ducruet for the momentous occasion, which saw the Princely couple don protective earmuffs and join in with the actual firing of these impressive guns.  

More than mere spectators of the ceremony, Prince Albert and Princess Charlene got involved and assisted with the inaugural firing of the two reconditioned cannons. Photo credit: Eric Mathon / Palais Princier de Monaco

The two cannons are believed to have been used in the cannon salute that marked Prince Rainier III’s birth in 1923, but they have long been out of service.  

It has not yet been confirmed whether the pair of cannons, which once stood as part of the country’s defences above the Mediterranean Sea, will be used during the traditional cannon salute that forms part of the military parade of Monaco’s National Day on 19th November. 

Click on the images below to see more:


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Photo credits: Eric Mathon / Palais Princier de Monaco

How to fix errors or omissions on French tax returns

If you have discovered a mistake after filing your French tax declaration, there is a quick and easy way to fix it, but only for a limited time period. Here’s what you need to know about the process. 

It could happen to anyone. You hit send on your tax returns only to realise you have completely miscalculated or omitted information and the panic starts to creep in. Now what? 

The French government is seeking to reassure those in this situation with the announcement that, whether a tax filing was done online or on paper, there is the possibility to edit it until 6th December.  


Taxpayers can make adjustments to their 2023 statements by simply going to the Espace Particulars section of the website. 

From there, click on ‘Corriger en ligne la déclaration de revenus’ and make any changes that are necessary. This can be accessed anytime between now and 6th December, and as many times as is required to get it right.  

Included in the things possible to amend are dependents, income, charges, tax cuts or credits, real estate wealth tax and supporting declarations.  

What cannot be altered online is civil status information, marital status, the appointment of a trusted third party, tax residence address as of 1st January 2023, the addition of a dependent student address, or one’s mailing address. 

For these changes, the individual must post an amending statement or visit the local public finance centre with a letter and supporting documents explaining that this replaces the original online declaration.  

Alternatively, people can go to the site and send a letter notifying the tax service of any errors under the ‘My request concerns income tax or social security contributions’. Supporting documents can be attached to the online form.

This process takes roughly three weeks and the taxpayer will be notified when the corrections have been made.  


To change this type of income tax return, individuals must inform their income tax department either by sending a letter or by filing a new tax return on paper. 

In this case you must indicate a Declaration of Amendment, Cancellation and Replacement on the first page and re-enter all reportable items, including the correct items from the original declaration. 

Printable blank 2042 forms can be found online here 


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No Finish Line beating last year’s figures despite a storm that temporarily halted the event

no finish line

Even the storm that battered the coast and displaced dozens of track markers earlier this week hasn’t been able to dampen the spirits of the runners and walkers who, come rain or shine, had already completed an impressive 142,000 kilometres by the event’s halfway point.  

The 2023 edition of the popular No Finish Line race for charity is blowing last year’s numbers out of the water. By the halfway point – 7.30pm on 14th November – participants had achieved an epic 142,241 kilometres, which is 30,000 kilometres more than the distance covered during the same period in 2022.  

The kilometres are really racking up now; the 100,000-kilometre mark was hit at 6am on the Tuesday, meaning that 42,000 of the total number of kilometres recorded midway through the race were amassed in just 13 and a half hours. 


According to the event’s organisers, these are “very promising first results”, which will hopefully be able to withstand the disruption caused by the storm that came through the region on the night between 14th and 15th November.  

The 10,988 participants recorded thus far include a few mid-race standouts who deserve a mention, such as Cédric Chaudet, who is leading the overall number of kilometres covered by an individual so far with 431km, and Mimi Chevillon, who tops the women’s contributions with 379km. The team with the most distance racked up at the halfway mark is the Cardio-Thoracic Centre of Monaco, which already has 4,802 kilometres under its belt.  

Peak attendance, according to statistics released by No Finish Line on 15th November, is from 11am to 2pm and from 5pm to 10pm, syncing up with when most people have lunch breaks or are finished with work for the day.

The overall goal is to hit 300,000 kilometres by the end of the race at 4pm on 19th November.  

This year’s goal is to reach 300,000 kilometres. Photo credit: André Faure / No Finish Line


Numerous athletes from Monaco or representing the Principality with a team have answered the call, including race car pilot Arthur Leclerc on 12th November. The Roca Team are expected to participate en masse on 17th November, following their EuroLeague game in Madrid, with No Finish Line sponsor and AS Monaco Basketball captain Yakuba Ouattara likely to lead the team’s efforts.  

The race has 45 runners from France and abroad who are registered to be on the track for the entire eight days of the race, and 200 participants, as teams or individuals, are signed up to compete in the 24-hour marathon that begins at 9am on 18th November. It is an official event that features on the off-stadium races calendar of the French Athletics Federation.  


No Finish Line was created in Monaco in 1999 and has grown to become a worldwide phenomenon.

Its goal is the promotion, defence and respect of children’s rights in the world, as well as the improvement of general well-being and living conditions. 

Since 2004, the local event has donated the majority of its profits to the Cardio Thoracic Centre of Monaco, which finances operations for children with serious heart defects. This is made possible thanks to the collaboration with other associations such as Rencontres Africaines, which organises for African children undergoing surgery to be hosted by families in the Nice region. 


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Photo credits: André Faure / No Finish Line