Presidential dinners from Prince Rainier III’s time to be recreated by Monaco’s finest chefs

Presidential dinner

As part of the Prince Rainier III centenary celebrations, three Michelin starred chefs from the Société des Bains de Mer group are honouring his memory by “perfectly reproducing” menus served to French presidents during the late ruler’s reign. Here’s everything you need to know about the upcoming ‘Presidential Dinner’ experiences.  

The Prince’s Palace was host to three presidents of the French Republic during Prince Rainier III’s time as Monaco’s Head of State.   

Charles de Gaulle was first, on 23rd October 1960, followed nearly a quarter of a century later by François Mitterrand on 19th January 1984. Finally, it was the turn of Jacques Chirac, who came to visit on 25th July 1997.  

Beyond being purely diplomatic visits, these trips were marked by a shared appreciation for joie de vivre and excellent gastronomical taste; sentiments set to be revived anew during the ‘Presidential Dinner’ experiences planned for the month of December.  


To celebrate the art of fine food in the Principality, and in memory of Monaco’s so called Builder Prince, three of Société des Bains de Mer’s (SBM) finest chefs are set to recreate the meals enjoyed by these historic leaders in days gone by. 

From 4th to 10th December, Chef Marcel Ravin will be taking on the meal created for President de Gaulle at Monte-Carlo Bay Hotel & Resort’s Restaurant L’Orange Verte. Dinner is €199 with a wine pairing option for an additional €75. To book a seat, click here.  

The next location will be Le Grill at the Hôtel de Paris for Chef Dominique Lory’s menu in homage to the meal shared by Prince Rainier and President Mitterrand. Reservations for dinners between 11th and 17th December cost €450 per person. To reserve a table for a minimum of two, click here 

Last but not least, Chef Yannick Alléno will serve the carte offered to President Chirac at the Pavyllon restaurant in the Hôtel Hermitage from 18th to 23rd December. This meal will be accessible to parties of two or more for €450 per person. For reservations, click here

With three such incredible moments in time being revisited by these inspired and inspirational chefs, why not give them all a try this holiday season?  


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Photo credit: Monte-Carlo Société des Bains de Mer

20 kids given the thrill of a lifetime at ‘They are the Champions’ charity event

A group of disadvantaged children chosen by Monaco-based charity Les Enfants de Frankie were given a very special day out in late October when they were treated to a driving experience at the Prestige Karting du Luc track. 

It all began in 2021, when ‘gentleman driver’ Philippe Demanet and Thierry Revel, a former head concierge at the Hôtel de Paris, took part in the E-Rallye Monte-Carlo.  

Looking for a cause to back, they settled on local association Les Enfants de Frankie, which has been supporting sick, disabled and disadvantaged children in Monaco and throughout the Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region since 1997. 

In the years since, Demanet and Revel have collaborated with the association on a number of special experiences. That first year, for example, they invited children affiliated with Les Enfants de Frankie to Monaco’s Casino Square to get signed copies of the popular Antoine the Pilot comics. 70 children went home with smiles that day, spurring the men, along with Marie Dubos, to create an annual event benefitting Les Enfants de Frankie.  

Around 20 disadvantaged children were invited to take part in the fun event. Photo provided

In 2022, Prestige Karting du Luc came on board and, with the help of drivers who generously donated their time, the ‘C’est eux les Champions’ event – ‘They are the Champions’ in English – was born.   

Partnerships with Hertz Monaco and Hertz France also helped make it possible, and Amore Mio and Costa Monaco provided refreshments. All have continued their support into 2023.  

Co-pilot for the day

Having had time to refine the event, the organisers of the 2023 edition on 25th October gave 20 children chosen by Les Enfants de Frankie the opportunity to become co-pilots alongside experienced volunteer drivers, giving these kids the thrill of their lives.  

The fell-good event is held with the grateful support of its partners

Local YouTuber Seb Delanney, who has a global following as one of the most influential car-spotters around, was also on hand with a magnificent Alpine A110.  

The organisers are already looking forward to next year’s event, with hopefully more cars, more children and more partners.  


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World Young Chef Young Waiter Awards unite the next generation in high-end hospitality

Amid rumours that the event could soon become a Netflix show, the World Young Chef Young Waiter Awards that spotlight rising stars in gastronomy, service and mixology were held at the Hôtel de Paris at the end of last week. Here are the winners.  

The World Young Chef Young Waiter (WorldYCYW) Awards, replete with a splendid dinner gala honouring all those involved, were held in the stunning Salle Empire inside the Hôtel de Paris on Friday 24th November.  

“The flow of young talent is evident here, as we showcase the emerging superstars of tomorrow,” Robert Walton MBE, the chairman of WorldYCYW, told Monaco Life on the night. “Achieving our ambitious goals [to grow the competition] over two years reflects the hospitality industry’s dynamic power and our commitment to nurturing a contemporary and sustainable hospitality community.” 

22 entrants from nine countries worldwide featured on the shortlist, but in the end, it was one nation in particular that dominated.  

Mixology award triumph: Zana Mohlmann’s victory 

Singapore’s Zana Mohlmann, who is the Head Bartender at Manhattan Bar, won the mixology competition. She clinched the title with a unique cocktail that featured Neft vodka infused with pine needles, a snow frost element and forest wood aroma blended with American whiskey.

Mohlmann told Monaco Life, “Having the opportunity to present my cocktail creations to such an esteemed panel of judges [Anna Sebastian, Paul Robinson and Yann Bouvignies] was a true honour.”  

Top hospitality is a “team sport”

The Chef and Waiter Award is a celebration of the collaboration possible between culinary and service professionals.  

Adam Handling, a judge representing the chef profession, praised the quality of each of the entries, noting the importance and essential nature of strong partnership between chefs and waiters. Meanwhile, Simon King, who was judging the service aspect, described good hospitality as a “team sport”.  

In a first for the event, the third place was shared by two teams. Representing England were Benjamin Mabley and Jade Walker, while the Welsh team included Sam Everton and Carys Webster. The USA team, which took second place, featured Marcus Youn and Regina Gutierrex. The top honour, however, went to Singapore’s Ian Tan and Belle Torres.  

Upon receiving the award, Belle Torres shared her heartfelt emotions with Monaco Life, saying, “The win was beyond my expectations. I poured my heart into this competition, preparing as best as I could. I’m thrilled about the future possibilities this victory opens up.” 

Ian Tan, reflecting on his achievement, expressed to Monaco Life his dedication and cultural pride: “Entering this competition, I gave it my all, aiming to showcase a piece of my homeland. It’s important to embrace and take pride in our roots, no matter where we come from.”  

Expanding horizons 

Following the success of this year’s edition, the competition is set to grow next year with participation expected from 15 countries.  

The managing director of WorldYCYW, Sean Valentine, also disclosed plans to pitch a show related to the event to Netflix. A trailer is reportedly in the works.  


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Photo by Monaco Life 

Photos: Prince Albert II in Malaysia on a diplomatic and environmental mission 

Prince Albert II of Monaco is currently in Malaysia on a mission to foster closer relations with the Southeast Asian nation and find out more about its policies on the environment and animal protection.  

When Malaysia’s King Abdullah of Pahang extended an invitation to Prince Albert, Monaco’s sovereign gladly took him up on the offer to visit the beautiful nation and landed in the capital of Kuala Lumpur on Sunday 26th November, with plans to remain until Wednesday 29th November.  

This official visit has several focuses, namely the bolstering of both economic and political ties between the countries and the sharing of information on Malaysia’s local initiatives in favour of biodiversity and the safeguarding of endangered animals.  


There are administrative aspects to the trip too, including the inauguration of a new Honorary Consulate of Monaco, as announced by the Palais Princier de Monaco on social media.  

“Prince Albert II arrived in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia for a three-day State Visit,” shared a Palace spokesperson. “Invited by His Majesty King Abdullah, the Sovereign Prince began the programme of His trip by inaugurating the new Consulate of the Principality of Monaco placed under the direction of Mr. Sri Naresh Mohan, [who was] recently appointed Honorary Consul.” 

On Monday 27th November, Prince Albert attended a welcoming ceremony followed by a state banquet hosted by King Abdullah and his wife, Queen Tunku Azizah, at the National Palace.

The national anthems of both countries were sung followed by a symbolic firing of canons. The two leaders planted a fruit tree native to the region, a Pokok Keranji, before Prince Albert was invited into the inner rooms of the National Palace for a ceremony in which he was given the “highest distinction of the country” by King Abdullah.


The Prince will not slow down with his appointments in the coming days as he is set to participate in the Monaco Economic Forum Kuala Lumpur 2023 meeting, which is being put on by the Monaco Economic Board and will gather local entrepreneurs to discuss the business possibilities that exist between the two nations.  

Before departing, Prince Albert is due to accompany the Malaysian King on a tour of the Malaysian Tiger Conservation Centre and the Kuala Gandah National Elephant Conservation Centre, both located in the Sultanate of Pahang. 

Click on the images below to see more from the first part of Prince Albert’s state visit to Malaysia:


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Photo credits: Michael Alesi / Palais Princier de Monaco

Explore Pier Paolo Calzolari’s ‘Casa Ideale’ at the NMNM’S Villa Paloma

casa ideale nmnm

‘Casa ideale’, a distinctive retrospective exhibition dedicated to the celebrated Italian artist, Pier Paolo Calzolari, promises an immersive journey through each stage of the artist’s illustrious career.  

At an exclusive preview of the exhibition on 15th November, the door to Pier Paolo Calzolari’s ‘Casa ideale’ was opened to Monaco Life.

The exhibition, which will welcome the public at the Villa Paloma of the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco (NMNM) from 17th November, showcases works from the late 1960s to 2014, traversing each step of the artist’s career from the Arte Povera movement to more contemporary expressions, and from his native Italy to Lisbon, Portugal, where he resides today.

As Björn Dahlström, Director of the NMNM, tells Monaco Life, “‘Casa ideale’ is a rare opportunity to discover the world of Calzolari, an artist who has continuously evolved while leaving a significant imprint on art history.”

The artist and his evolution 

Calzolari was born in Bologna in 1943. Early on, he was influenced by the American style of ‘germinal’ painting, but quickly turned to “other, freer forms of artistic expression”, such as sculpture and even performance art.   

He notably played an important role in the Arte Povera movement, a key Italian art movement of the late 1960s that used common materials to challenge traditional art practices and commercialisation in the art world. This period marked a radical shift in his approach, contributing significantly to his recognition in the contemporary art realm. 

Pier Paolo Calzolari with his wife, Karine Arneodo Calzolari, at the preview. Photo by Monaco Life

The essence of ‘Casa ideale’ 

Villa Paloma, a transformed private residence, serves as an ideal backdrop for ‘Casa ideale’; Calzolari’s works, resonating with poetic and fragile materials, are thoughtfully dispersed across the property’s three floors.  

Each piece, whether the reflective ‘Tolomeo’ (1989) or the metaphysical ‘Tiara con cera e chiodi’ (2006), echoes Calzolari’s unique exploration of figurative and metaphysical abstraction. 

Calzolari’s manifesto for an ‘ideal house’ contrasts sharply with conventional architectural notions. He states, “I want expansion, democracy, madness, alchemy, insanity, rhythm, horizontality.”  

It is a celebration of passion and sensory intelligence, extending beyond physical space to encompass the worlds of imagination and emotion. 

Björn Dahlström, Director of the NMNM, describes Calzolari as “an artist who has continuously evolved while leaving a significant imprint on art history”. Photo by Monaco Life

Guided tours  

The NMNM will be offering guided tours of the exhibition without reservations on Thursdays at 12.30pm, Saturdays at 11am and Sundays at 3pm.  

The rates are €6 per person, in addition to the entrance ticket, with free admission for children under 13, school groups and members of associations based in the Principality.  

The museum also organises events and programmes for various groups, including those with special needs, and offers visits in sign language. Prior notice is appreciated.  

‘Casa ideale’ runs from 17th November 2023 to 7th April 2024. 

Click here for more information.  


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All photos by Monaco Life. This article was originally published on 16th November. 

Beking 2023: Sagan triumphs in star-studded pro criterium

beking 2023

Alongside a thrilling pro race that was ultimately won by many-time World Champion Peter Sagan, Monaco’s 2023 Beking also put a strong emphasis on community, charity and sustainability with a programme that blended top-tier sportsmanship with inclusive and environmentally conscious initiatives. 

The streets of Monaco were alive with cycling fervour as the third edition of Beking Monaco unfolded on Sunday 26th November.  

The event culminated in a thrilling Pro Criterium race, where cycling superstars took centre stage. Peter Sagan claimed victory, while Tadej Pogačar came a close second to round off a remarkable season that saw the Monaco-based athlete achieve a historic double victory at the Giro di Lombardia.  

Mark Cavendish, a last-minute addition to the line-up and a respected figure in the cycling community for his backing of sustainable mobility initiatives and community engagement, secured third place.  

Beking embraces community and sustainability 

Aside from the pro event, Beking 2023 also hosted activities for children and families, which included a cycling learning area for kids and the popular Pro-Am race for both professionals and amateurs. 

Speaking after the event, Beking backer Filippo Polegato of Astoria said, “It’s a tradition for us to end the racing season with this solidarity race in Monaco, bringing together champions, sport and entertainment personalities, and young cyclists to celebrate the values of cycling.” 

 See more in Monaco Life’s Instagram reel below… 

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Photo source: Beking Monaco / Facebook