Monaco’s Rampoldi launches “culinary sanctuary” in New York with great fanfare

rampoldi new york

As one of the oldest restaurants in the Principality, Rampoldi has been nourishing the Monaco community for generations. Now it has its sights set on a whole new audience: New Yorkers. 

For three quarters of a century, Rampoldi has been serving up its signature elegant dishes to generations of faithful diners and patrons in the heart of Monaco. 

Much of its appeal comes from its loyalty to the traditions of Mediterranean cuisine, which it has gradually and elegantly refined over the years, but under innovative Chef Antonio Salvatore, Rampoldi has reached new heights – and now a new continent.  

The façade of Rampoldi New York in Lincoln Square. Photo supplied by Rampoldi New York

On 26th September, after months of teasing online, Rampoldi New York opened at 49 West 64th Street in the city’s cultural hub of Lincoln Square with great fanfare. Prince Albert II of Monaco made an appearance on the launch night and was photographed alongside a smiling Mayor Eric Adams, who officially cut the cake celebrating this exciting new overseas venture from the MC Hospitality Group, as well as the Group’s owners, the Verozub family. 

The new Rampoldi is described as a “twin” to its Monaco forebearer by the Group; both are places where “French haute cuisine and Italian cookery with a cosmopolitan essence”. 

“The interior of Rampoldi New York replicates entirely the style of its sibling location in Monte-Carlo. You’ll be able to find the recognisable and iconic marbles, the mirror arches, and the Murano-glass chandeliers. Nevertheless, you not only will be familiar with the spaces, but also with the menu.” 

Similar it may be, with favourite plats such as the Queen Margherita pizza and the Paccheri I.G.P. alla Siciliana on offer, but there are a few American-influences. The special brunch section of the menu is one example, appealing to the new market, but still retaining ingredients and dishes that would be recognisable to a Monegasque diner.  

“Classic dishes such as escargots à la bourguignonne, octopus carpaccio, bouillabaisse and dover sole à la meunière appear alongside extravagant inventions such as crab ravioli topped with branzino, clams, garlic, parsley and bottarga; scallops with cauliflower purée, black truffles and mushroom sauce; and filet de boeuf Rossini, a premium cut of Argentinian Angus beef topped with red wine sauce, black truffles and seared foie gras, and served alongside a truffle potato purée…” says the Group. “Diners can also indulge in Chef Salvatore’s very own caviar, a black sturgeon roe, on its own or as an addition to one of the menu’s many specialty dishes. The dining experience embraces tableside service, epitomising culinary theatre and the luxurious
hospitality that Monaco is known for.”

“The secret of Rampoldi is not something you can physically touch or see, but something you can sense and perceive,” says Michelin-starred Salvatore. “You can feel it in the air, it’s subtle yet untouchable. Our formula is inimitable and irreplicable, even after so many years no one was able to duplicate it with the same intensity and love.” 

For more information about Rampoldi New York, click here.  

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Main photo: Prince Albert with the Verozub family, owners of MC Hospitality Group, with Antonio Salvatore and Mayor Eric Adams. Photos supplied by Rampoldi New York

Altores, Monaco Experience Point, Brain-NET and SOCA: MonacoTech unveils four new recruits

Stakeholders in Monaco have been presented four different start-ups that are being incubated at MonacoTech.

The start-ups were presented during a Demo Day on 7th November. The four start-ups, which had arrived in September 2023, pitched their projects after completing two months at MonacoTech.

Each had seven minutes to pitch their project to the assembly and seven minutes to answer questions from participants.

It was an opportunity for the entrepreneurs to present their projects, their vision and their objectives to stakeholders in the MonacoTech ecosystem and enthusiasts of technological innovation.

MonacoTech Demo Day, photo credit Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department

The start-ups presented were Altores, a digital employee platform that uses AI-driven automation to deliver “unprecedented levels of productivity for businessesand governments”. It was founded by Louis L’Herrou and Tom Haneuse.

Brain-NET, which works on the development of digital solutions for healthcare professionals to help with the diagnosis and monitoring of neurological diseases, as well as the monitoring of subjects exposed to concussions or mild head trauma. The start-up was founded by Mikael Cohen.

Monaco Experience Point, an EdTech that boosts the professional development of teams using an innovative training platform, offering courses designed by local and international experts in valued skills. It was founded by Guillaume Renaud.

And SOCA, a B2B ordering application that digitalises interactions between restaurateurs and their suppliers. Its web and mobile interface allows users to automate order management and centralise exchanges to save time. It was founded by William Scheffer, Anthony Orengo, and Mathieu Chailloux.

MonacoTech is a start-up incubator, co-founded in 2017 by the Prince’s government, Monaco Telecom and Xavier Niel. It supports the establishment of innovative projects in

Monaco with its tailor-made program, networking opportunities and support from key professional and institutional actors.

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Main photo credit: Manuel Vitali, Government Communication Department

AS Monaco unites thousands of young footballers in spirited ‘Tous au Stade’ celebration

Over the weekend, AS Monaco’s ‘Tous au Stade’ transformed the Stade Louis II into a vibrant arena filled with a record turnout of fans and young supporters, who had come to the Principality to celebrate their passion for the game.  

Hailing from various regions, the enthusiastic crowd of young footballers, estimated to be a record-breaking 5,000 strong, witnessed an electrifying AS Monaco victory over Brest.

But they weren’t just there for the match, as they had come to celebrate the ‘Tous au Stade’ event laid on by AS Monaco, in partnership with the Mediterranean League, Côte d’Azur District and the Italian Monaco Supporters Club, as a way of uniting young football enthusiasts.

The fans represented more than 70 amateur clubs from French departments including the Alpes-Maritimes, Var, Bouches-du-Rhône, Vaucluse, Alpes-de-Haute-Provence and Hautes-Alpes as well as Italy’s Liguria.

Promoting sportsmanship

AS Monaco has previously collaborated with the Mediterranean League for the ‘Green Card’ project, which is now in its third year. Designed to promote sportsmanship and fair play among amateur players in the region, the initiative recognises players with the “best attitudes” on the field.

Before the match against Brest on Sunday, these players were honoured at the Performance Centre, where they received praise from representatives of the Mediterranean League and AS Monaco.

Strengthening community ties

The ‘Tous au Stade’ event continues to be a resounding success, bringing joy and unity to the hearts of young footballers and their clubs, as well as strengthening the important ties between Monaco’s leading side and the local players of the future.

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Photo credits: AS Monaco

Prince Albert II traces the Italian branches of the Grimaldi family tree in Liguria

In the days after the Principality celebrated its twinning with Dolceacqua, Prince Albert II of Monaco was back in Italy for a series of visits to the historically Grimaldi-linked villages of Isolabona, Apricale and Perinaldo.  

Over the weekend, Prince Albert II took time out to visit three Ligurian villages that signed an oath of loyalty to the Principality of Monaco some 500 years ago, and marked the occasion by formally admitting the communes into the ever-expanding Historical Sites of the Grimaldis of Monaco network.  


The first stop was in Isolabona, where the Prince was met by Mayor Augusto Peitavino. Together, they went to a local medieval sanctuary, the Nostra Signora delle Grazie, where the late Princess Grace once frequented to say a prayer.  

An official ceremony was then held on the Martiri Liberta square, where Prince Albert and the Mayor both reflected on their shared historic ties with fondness.  

Prince Albert with Mayor Augusto Peitavino of Isolabona. Photo credit: Palais Princier de Monaco


Apricale was the next , and Prince Albert was welcomed there by Mayor Silvano Pisano. He visited the Santa Maria degli Angeli church before going to the Vittorio Emanuelle II square for an official ceremony in front of the town’s population.  

The Prince and his retinue then walked to the Castello della Lucertola to look over some treasured archives naming the Prince’s illustrious forebearers.  

Prince Albert visited various historical sites in Apricale with Mayor Silvano Pisano. Photo credit: Palais Princier de Monaco


In the afternoon, Prince Albert moved onto his final stop of the day: Perinaldo. Mayor Francesco Guglielmi took him on a tour of the municipality’s astronomical observatory as well as the great astronomer Giovanni Domenico Cassini’s home.  

Later, the Prince and his Monegasque delegation participated in an official ceremony organised in the San Nicolo church. 

Mayor Francesco Guglielmi welcomed Prince Albert to Perinaldo for the final stop of his Ligurian tour. Photo credit: Palais Princier de Monaco

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Photos: After 500 years of family ties, Monaco and Dolceacqua are officially “twinned”


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Photo credit: Axel Bastello / Palais Princier de Monaco 

Photos: The Carabiniers du Prince regale in winter uniform at the Palais Princier de Monaco

Much to the delight of the crowds gathered in front of the Palais Princier de Monaco on Monday, the guards from the Compagnie des Carabiniers du Prince made their seasonal switch from lightweight summer whites to the traditional black and blue uniform of the winter months.  

With temperatures cooling off steadily over the last few weeks, it was high time for the Palace Guards of the Monaco, the Carabiniers du Prince, to change out of their summer attire and don a uniform more suitable to the colder season. 

The lightweight summer whites, ideal for the blazing heat of July and August, were exchanged for warmer black jackets, vivid blue trousers and a matching helmet at the daily Changing of the Guard ceremony on Monday 6th November. 

At 11.55am sharp, the solemn La Relève ritual took place with military precision as always. The only difference was the larger-than-normal crowd that had turned out to see the new wardrobe and enjoy the music and ceremony that comes with the biannual event.   

According to a spokesperson from the Palais Princier de Monaco, “This change of outfits to follow the seasons was established during the creation of the Compagnie des Gardes between 1870 and 1904.”  

The Prince’s Carabiniers are tasked with protecting the Princely Family, the general guarding of the Palace itself, and with looking after the Prince’s properties and residences, as well as proving the loftier services of upholding honour, ensuring the execution of the laws of Monaco and maintaining public order. 

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Photo credits: Michael Alesi /Axel Bastello / Palais Princier de Monaco